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Management Consulting

• Federal financial statement audit ability assessments
• Technical evaluation & advisory services
• Financial analysis
• Risk assessment & internal audit strategy
• Business process re-engineering
• Performance measurement
• Indirect cost/overhead rate determination
• Financial management support services
• Budget support
• Tax preparation and advisory services

Services Offered

• Data Mining
     - Develop loan and portfolio scoring models
     - Design fraud detection and anti-money laundering techniques
• Statistical services and sampling
• Customer segmentation
• Loan portfolio performance analysis and reporting
• Development and implementation of credit and risk management policies and   procedures
• Development and implementation of risk rating systems
• Loan review services (quarterly, semi-annual, or annual)
• Internal audit services
• Development of risk based internal review process
• Assistance with developing and implementing compliance manuals and procedures
• Mock bank examinations to prepare for regulatory examinations
• Assistance with responding to regulatory examinations and external auditors
• Audit engagements including Financial, Program, Compliance and
  Information Systems Audits
• Financial Management Support Services
• Financial and Risk Analysis
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